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Avatar Ratings!

Get Stamped as an Avatar: The Last Airbender character!

Avatar Rating Community :)
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Welcome to the AVATAR RATING COMMUNITY :D Here you can get stamped as your favorite Avatar character, and stamp other members. Here are some rules:

Rule 1: When filling out your application please give a discription of you and not who you would like to be
Rule 2: Once you join, please rate other apps waiting to be stamped
Rule 3: You will be stamped after 5 majority votes or 3 days
Rule 4: You are also welcome to post fanart or fanfiction once you join
Rule 5: I really don't care about slash, so you can post it if you're into it. But please warn other members by putting it in the title or the LJ-Cut's text : ) Also please put a warning on it if it's PG-13 or higher.
Rule 6: For everything you post please put it under a LJ-Cut.
Rule 7: Minor cussing is allowed. No sailor-mouthing though :o
Rule 8: Please show respect to other members. No going muy loco.
Rule 9: If you dont like the character you were voted as, you can re-apply one time.
Rule 10: HAVE FUN : ) (How cliche :x)

Rules about voting:

1. Try not to bandwagon - if you really see someone else just post it : )
2. Please put your vote in bold as it will make things much easier
3. Please vote only once per ap.
4. You may vote them as more than one character if you see it, but please tell us the character you see most.
5. Please vote as much as possible :)

The application can be found here: Please copy and paste it into a journal entry : )

Admins needed

Everyone welcome! : )

Also, look for contests that come monthly. Drawing, writing, etc. etc.
Winners will recieve prizes :D

Stamps are being made


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