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Maybe I could help bring some life back here

Posted by schansuperrad on 2008.01.18 at 22:07
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Current Music: Brand New Key: Dollyrots

Name: Sarah but different people have different names for me… ‘Sayrah’ ‘S-chan’ and ‘Squarhead’ are just a few
Age: 16
Birthday: May 7th
Would you like to be voted as a boy/girl/either: Either

How did you find the community?: Magick search :)

Favorite type of bending: I’m leaning towards water just because of how many uses there are for it… not to mention that healing abilities would be so awesome for when I burn myself cooking like I did last night. (hot grease splattered on my stomach and it still hurts)
Favorite Character: I can’t say for sure it’s so hard to pick… I’ve really started to like Zuko because of his whole redemption thing and I usually like the ‘anti-hero’ types… but I adore Sokka and Aang is just the coolest thing ever and really picking would be so hard I haven’t ever really tried.  I mean I even like Azula for some reasons too.
Least Favorite Character: I pretty much like everyone I mean a lot of them have gotten on my nerves before but it only makes them more awesome to me when they do because it’s an effect that a real person would have on someone too.

A bit about yourself: I’m a music/boy/soccer/anime obsessed teenage girl who usually makes way too much noise around her friends and sometimes I get odd looks from people who aren’t in my group because of my eccentric altitude….  I’m the type of person people either adore or completely hate. (and they tend to let me know it by talking about me while I’m nearby… usually I pretend not to notice or save all my comebacks for another time when it might mean more to them or flip them out the most.)  I’ve worn a toga for school spirit day just because the idea seemed awesome enough and I’m usually the one at my lunch table making the rest of the table laugh.
Hobbies: Writing, drawing, acting, singing, soccer, running around, walking, just goofing off and acting stupid in public.  Telling strangers we’re going to have a huge snow storm to see how fast the food will be bought at the store (I’m in the south… there’s some towns that will freak out and stock up Marjory if they think there will be so much as an inch of snow.) Too bad that dosen’t work AS well since I’ve movied but I still find ways to have my fun.
Likes: Lots of things, especially soccer as of lately… my school’s FINALLY trying to get a team tougher (my junior year too :/) and I’ve gotten a bunch of friends into it and it’s actually something I’ll do over getting on the computer.  I adore Animals… growing up I can’t remember one time when my family didn’t have at least one pet… we always have had a cat or birds/dogs … lots of cats… I could probably write a book.
Dislikes: As well as I tend to get along with most nice people away from home I don’t get along very well with my family most of the time, my mom and I will go months with only small fights but every once in a while we end up getting in huge fights and usually all my neighbors know. :/  I’ve entertained myself by saying there was a baby switch at the hospital seeing as a lot of people hardly seem to nice that my brother and I actually are siblings and that he’s older because when I’m not in my playful fun mode I tend to act really mature and he… well he ever does.  But I suppose my main dislikes would be simple things like

Falling when I get hurt by it (If I don’t get hurt I usually end up laughing it off).  Being clumsy… cooking… cleaning… not being able to find a job anywhere in the valley…. My school (which used to be so awesome my freshmen year only reason why I stay now is my friends.) The issues one of my closest friends got herself into and how her family wouldn’t even try to help support her through all of the bull she’s going through and thenhow her mom tries to say she’s going to kill the baby when her mom was the one who let her dad kick her out in the middle of the winter… Hypocrites… people who think the world serves them.  Anyone without a sense of humor usually rubs me wrong along with anyone who’s really judgmental.

And I cannot stand people who laugh at other people’s expense unless the person they were laughing at had it coming.

And lastly

Stalkers… and the pull tab things on canned food.
Favorite Food: I can’t really say I have a favorite… I am partial for most fruits though
Least favorite food: there’s a good bit of stuff I don’t like but pickles might top that list
Favorite animal: … well I have more than one… lol Cats Horses dogs ferrets (I want one so bad!) dolphins and pretty much anything that’s cute

Well tempered or short tempered?: I can be either …. Usually it depends on who/what I’m dealing with.
Optimistic or Pessimistic: Usually Optimistic… I’ll be slightly pessimistic if I think things will come out the opposite of what I say.  But I try to look for the good in almost anyone and get along with most jerks and it’s probably not always a good idea and definitely doesn’t make me the best judge of character.
Serious or Goofy: As long as I have some friends around I’m not very serious but if I’m on my own I’ll straighten up and be as mature as I can be.
Leader or Follower: I prefer to follow better than lead… no pressure on me to make choices but some of my friends look to me for that kind of thing even if I tend to shy off from it. 

The fire nation attacks your city, what side are you on, what do you do, what country is it? Tell a bit of a story about it:

I never really thought this day would come.  War always seemed so far away, I never doubted that it was real but it just didn’t seem to affect me, war happened far far away and it didn’t affect me outside of the price for moon-peaches going up.

But it did now, it affected everything now, my friends, family and life, things would never be the same.

I rushed up to the first failure face I could find, to my relief he was okay and it looked like everyone would be okay.  We’d all made it out alive and maybe that was all that mattered.

“I’ve gotta go back.” At first I thought he was joking, after all he was always joking.  Even when his sister died he was able to bounce back.

I laughed “That is such an inappropriate joke.”

“It’s not a joke.”

“What?” I was stunned to say the least “You can’t go back!”

“I have to she’s not here.”

“She probably escaped, are you sure you checked carefully enough?  You can’t die over her… I know you really care about her and you two had some good times but she had to have gotten away I’m sure I saw her right ahead of me.”

His friends approached us shaking their heads.

“She’s not here, and someone said they saw her tripping in the village.”

He nodded and looked at me “Sorry, I’m going back.”

I knew I couldn’t stop him, a few of his friends, my friends went with him too, and I thought things would still turn out all right, until several hours passed and no one returned.

Of all the people in the Earth Kingdom that could have disappeared that day never to be seen again, my mind couldn’t phantom why it had to be them.

They were some of my best friends, the guys I’d grown up with, chasing rooster pigs, staying up half the night watching the stars getting in trouble for sneaking off and for a few of them having a feeling of love for.

Even though I never liked her I understood why they had to go back for her, it would have been wrong not to no matter how much I or anyone else would need them too.  I even wondered if it were me in her position would they even notice me gone, sure we’d been friends but there were plenty of other girls that they were much closer to and would have worried over more than me.

By sunset that evening when no one came back I fully realized that the war had never been far away, it was always affecting me in a way much greater than the price of moon peaches.

Picture/Desciption of what you look like?

Old and awful (last spring) but the inside joke about the drink mix I used to mix into the water in that bottle STILL lives on today
Taken in the last few weeks or so of summer... I don't smile a lot in pics for some reason... seem to me like when I do I roll my eyes but I just love how my neighbor/friend in the background compares to me looking all ticked and unhappy.
Hate it... took if for a headshot for a job and I HATE it but it was the only really recent thing I've got.

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