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[ATLA] advice jet


Posted by snubullownsyou on 2007.01.22 at 10:52
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Hi! :). I just joined this community. I was so excited to find it, haha.~

 Name: Grace, but my nickname is Neener.
Age: I just turned 16.
Birthday: The day after Christmas!
Would you like to be voted as a boy/girl/either: Either is fine with me.

How did you find the community?: In the dropdown url menu for my computer XD. My sister must have visited it, and then I found it as well.

Favorite type of bending: It took me a very long time to decide this, but I think that waterbending is my favorite. I love the way it looks, and I love how it's concentrated more on turning an opponent's power against them, rather than directly attacking them. Plus, it can be used for healing, which is awesome.
Favorite Character: Oh, I love Zuko because he's adorable and sad and I feel sorry for him and I love watching him, but I really do love Sokka as well. He always makes me smile.
Least Favorite Character: I actually like everyone, but sometimes I just want Azula to fall off of a cliff. She scares me, haha.

A bit about yourself: I can get pretty obnoxious, but I'm not hard to get along with. I try very hard to be friendly. I'm also very opinionated, which sometimes gets me in trouble. I'll fight to the bitter end to defend my position on something, and I won't back down, even if I know I'm wrong. I can also act very childish, but when it comes time to have a serious conversation, it's not hard for me to get mature right away. I have a really big imagination and I love to play dressup, even though I'm 16.
Hobbies: Writing, music, playing with my animals, reading, dancing, going outside, etc, etc. I read a lot, and I write even more than that.
Likes: Harry Potter, really good music, Ralph Fiennes, yelling, gaudy jewelery, and the outdoors. I like almost everything, actually.
Dislikes: Really, really, really annoying people. And homophobia and racism.
Favorite Food: Sushi! I love sushi. ♥
Least favorite food: Corned beef hash. *vomits* My mom makes it sometimes and it tastes just horrible.
Favorite animal: Liger! ^_^. Or peacock.

Well tempered or short tempered?: Very short-tempered. I can get angry at the tiniest thing, and I always take things personally.
Optimistic or Pessimistic: I'm pretty optimistic, or at least, I pretend to be. Usually, I look on the bright side, but even if I think things aren't going to work out, I still try to convince myself that they're going to be fine.
Serious or Goofy: I can get pretty silly, but I know when to calm down and be serious.
Leader or Follower: It depends on who I'm with and what the situation is. If I don't really know the people that I'm with, or if I'm unsure of what's happening, I prefer to be a follower. But if no one else is going to take charge, I do. When I used to do school projects with my friends, they would be the ones goofing off while I worked on the project.

The fire nation attacks your city, what side are you on, what do you do, what country is it? Tell a bit of a story about it:

I would be on the city's side; that is, against the fire nation. Most likely I would be in Ba Sing Se, since I love that place with a burning passion.

I'm not one to try to sneak into the fire nation and get information for my side; I'm a good liar, but I get very nervous under pressure, and it would be hard for me to work up the courage to actually sneak into their army. I would probably wait in Ba Sing Se and work up my strength, getting ready for the attack. Once they attacked, I would probably be working more on defending the city than actually attacking the firebenders. I would use my fantastic earthbending skillz to drop rocks on firebenders who aren't paying attention.

Picture/Desciption of what you look like?

Weird pictures first :3

I'm on the right, with the big hair.

That's me, popping out of a dunkin donuts cup!

Now, some real pictures.

These two were taken by accident, SO I LOOK REALLY WEIRD o__o. My camera kept taking random pictures of me while I was trying

to take a serious picture of myself.

There you goooo! ^_^! Thanks for rating me!


boomeraang at 2007-01-22 21:39 (UTC) (Link)
I saw you as a cross between Toph and Song as a girl... but with the earthbending too I really saw you as Haru...

You said either... so my final verdict is Haru.

des_zero at 2007-04-15 02:19 (UTC) (Link)
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