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Posted by senri on 2007.01.02 at 19:41
Name: Senri
Age: 18
Birthday: 12/29/1988
Would you like to be voted as a boy/girl/either: I don't care! :D

How did you find the community? I was looking for an Avatar rating community, so I put in words that were related to Avatar into the interests search until I found this.

Favorite type of bending: Oh, man, I would totally dig being an airbender - you get to FLY, what's more awesome?! That, or I suppose I'd want waterbending, because it seems like that could be a lot of fun. ;3 And I'm interested in medicine so waterbending might also be a bonus.
Favorite Character: I, LIKE, SERIOUSLY ADORE IROH. Also Sokka and Zuko.
Least Favorite Character: I don't really have one, at least not yet. No one bores me, which is what I really hate. :3

A bit about yourself:
Hobbies: I read a lot. I write. I do art. Um, sometimes I make jewelry. Also I'm fairly athletic even though I'm not great; currently I'm on our school's ski team.
Likes: Hmm… I like birds, Thai food, octopi, wild dreams, well-written fan fiction in general, villains, flowers, ferns, trees (especially birches!), drawing, writing, swinging, and reading. Radiohead! Skiing… and… Animorphs… Blade of the Immortal is my favorite manga.
Dislikes: Homophobia, sexism, bigotry in general… people who never stop being loud… when netspeak is overused. Harem anime. Being sunburned. Wearing contacts. When my eyelashes fall into my eyes and I can’t get them out. Being ordered around.
Favorite Food: Sweet things, especially gelato and ice cream. Thai food in general, stir frys, and fish.
Least favorite food: Chives, mushrooms, olives, and onions. Also FLAN. *shudders*
Favorite animal: Birds of all kinds, especially ravens, blackbirds, and crows because of their awesome mythological background and intelligence. I also like snow leopards, octopi, sharks, and the African Wild Dog.

Well tempered or short tempered? Generally I am very well-tempered, but if one of my hot-button issues is hit than I can blow up in short order.
Optimistic or Pessimistic: Optimistic, probably. Um, stupidly so.
Serious or Goofy: Other people would probably say that I am very goofy, because I like people to laugh and everything in my life seems so serious sometimes that silliness is a way to handle it without exploding. I would personify myself as rather serious, though.
Leader or Follower: I lead when I feel I have a better grasp of the situation than anyone else in the group - indecisiveness also really bugs me, and a lot of my friends are very indecisive, so I tend to pick up the lead in situations where they don't want to make decisions. However, if someone knows better than I do, I'll follow them to an extent at least.

The fire nation attacks your city, what side are you on, what do you do, what country is it? Tell a bit of a story about it:

I can't picture myself on the frontlines without picturing myself... uh... dying horribly. ._. So I'd say I'm more likely running support from the background, hopefully in a place where I can rapidly help the injured soldiers coming back from the front. Possibly I'd have opened my home or shop to create a makeshift infirmiry, and I'm not precisely paying attention to how the fight's going, but if a Fire Nation soldier ends up banging on my door I'd probably end up sneaking out as many soldiers as I could and surrendering and hoping for the best myself.

For one thing, if it came to blows with a trained Firebender (or not even a firebender - just some foot soldier armed with a sword or lance) I see myself as far more likely to be killed, rather than pushing them back. Also, if I'm alive, there's always the potential to help more people later or rebuild my life somewhere else. It would be stupid of me to be so attached to pride, or to the things around me, that I got killed for their sake. I'd rather live and carry on! :D

And... mmm... here's one of my senior photos.

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dr. combined gas
staticlights at 2007-01-21 02:05 (UTC) (Link)
I get a Toph vibe; I can't really explain it though ^^;
snubullownsyou at 2007-01-22 15:52 (UTC) (Link)
I get a Toph vibe too but I can't explain it either. You also remind me of Iroh. Iroh moreso, though. :).
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