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kiss today good-bye
Posted by staticlights on 2006.12.20 at 21:34
Name: Michelle/Kaneha
Age: 15
Birthday: Oct 21
Would you like to be voted as a boy/girl/either: either

How did you find the community? I'm not sure, I just found it on my friends list ^_^

Favourite type of bending: I like the motions of fire and earth-bending. I think water-bending and air-bending would be useful. I'm going to say fire or earth though
Favourite Character: Toph, Iroh, Mai, and Azula. Oh, and APPA!
Least Favourite Character: Sokka? He's just so whiny and annoying. Mind you the cactus juice!Sokka was funny, and I'd like to see that again.

A bit about yourself: Oh jeez, just have an open-ended question, make it harder for me... My personality type is INTJ. My personality in a few words would be amiable, analytical, bored/under-motivated, and creative.
Hobbies: HTML/CSS, martial arts, anime/manga, drawing, writing, skiing, hiking, outdoor stuff
Likes: See hobbies; also Japanese things (language, traditions, pop-culture, culture, everything!)
Dislikes: boring things, people who don't live up to my (rather high) standards, people who disrupt me when I'm trying to do things. Close-minded people.
Favourite Food: I like a lot of Japanese things; udon, ramen, pocky (that stuff has to having something in it. I don't even like chocolate, and yet I'm addicted to chocolate pocky!), sashimi, and tempura (shrimp). I also like meat pie.
Least favourite food: chocolate. I also don't like things that are very sweet or very spicy either.
Favourite animal: American bison! (half the reason I started watching Avatar ^^)

Well tempered or short tempered? short tempered, though if I get annoyed it's usually not apparent. Until I snap. Then heads will roll.
Optimistic or Pessimistic: Pessimistic. "The best part about being a pessimist is that you're either 100% right or pleasantly surprised"
Serious or Goofy: Serious
Leader or Follower: Follower, I can't be bothered to lead, too much effort. Mind you, I'm happy to contribute ideas if the group is incompetent; and even take over the group if the leader is bad enough.

The fire nation attacks your city, what side are you on, what do you do, what country is it? Tell a bit of a story about it: Well, since their attacking my city, I suppose that means I'm not part of the fire nation.
But I'm going to write this as if I was, because that's more fun.
For now, I'm going to place myself as a commander of the fire nation, under the command of Azula, but she's not at this battle. Firstly, I would want to succeed, and do it well. Azula is very critical, and I'd want to (for obvious reasons) do it well. So, onto the battle formation. I'm attacking an earth kingdom, just because that's fun, and what they're doing right now. A few months before the invasion, I'd send people into the city, trying to get a good idea of what I'm up against. If possible, I'd try and get old woman, children, pregnant people; people the earth kingdom would not suspect; with a few men. Most importantly, convincing, and willing to die for the Fire Nation. If possible, I'd want them to get jobs and integrate among the community, gathering people's confidence. Also, if I could get people into the army, or into some sort of hospital; then I could sabatoge them through that. Even if I couldn't get something as direct as that, I could poison a water source, or disrupt a food source. If it ends up in a muli-week siege, that could prove to be the winning factor. They can do many, many small things; poisoning wells, or even doing what the people of Aptos did; give the Spaniards flowers wrapped in poison-oak. More battle-wise, the earth kingdom's cities seem to be heavily fortified, so a solely front on attack won't be effective. Um, but I'm guessing I've got some sort of time limit for these things, so I'm going to have some sort of head on attack.
I'm personally a fan of some sort of siege, so I'm going to build some sort of strategy around that. Firstly, I'd find and cut off/strictly regulate the exits/entrances (on this topic, if something like Sokka's plague happens I'd try and (first establish this disease actually exits and figure out how contagious it is/what precautions need to be taken) then quarantine them, and worst comes to worst, kill them. Letting them go free is just giving them a way out. Plus, if it's a siege, if their army, even part of it, is sick, that's better for me. Hopefully they could contaminate a water source or something, save me the effort.)
My main obstacle is going to be the wall. (I'm not quite sure of the level of Fire Nation machinery, so most of the techniques are going to be Roman) Making an earthen ramp is out of the question for obvious reasons, so I'd try and use siege towers to get over the wall. I'd try to get some trebuchets, balistas, whatever to set as much of their city on fire as possible. Add to the chaos. I'd try and get a battering ram or similar to attack the gates, and weaken them. Oh, also, I'd get those tank things to fire grappling hooks. I'd combine this with the komodo rhinos being rode around, and the Yu Yan Archers sniping people; to try and terrorize the people and demoralize them.
I guess I'd try to fight with a lot of biological warfare; catapulting diseased animals, corpses of the sick (with an ailment that is contagious through this fashion). My hope is that if my people have manged to sabotage their water and food supplies, they'll become desperate much more quickly; a resort to going as far as eating the corpses, and getting sick from that.
My main goal is to demoralize them into surrendering. I guess you get the idea, so I'm not going to go into that more ^^
After the battle is won (yes, I'm going to win); I'm still not done. You can't win a war by fire-power (:P) alone, the Vietnam and Iraq wars are proof of that. I think my strategy can be told by two quotes:

"The victor will never be asked if he told the truth."-Adolf Hitler
Ba Sing Se is a perfect example of this. I wouldn't do something as outrageous as them, but they've got the right idea, which leads me to my next quote:

"I use emotion for the many and reserve reason for the few."-Adolf Hitler
(why is it that both my quote are Hitler?)
The key to taking over the city, I think, is psycological. The city will be weakened from the siege, and I will make it clear that we can do much worse. We are in control. However, I will also see to the needs of the people (btw, I'm not going to be the political leader, just the military one advising the political leader) If we want a long term hold on this city, we need to get the confidence of the people. For one, this means not completely discriminating against them. Reward those who do things we like, punish those who disobey us, regardless of whether they're earth or fire nation. (Also, that means no big feasts where I hoard all the food. Absolute no-no) I'd take steps into integrating our cultures; doing things like celebrating our holidays nearer to their festival days; changing their festivals oh-so-slightly to fit our propaganda, that sort of thing. I want to make it so that the people of the earth kingdom become loyal to me, first because they're dependent on us for basic needs, then because they are us. Similarly, we'd launch some fire/earth nation-wise propaganda denouncing the idea of "four nations" we're once nation, the four elements unified as one. As stronger, more peaceful system, one that respects diversity, and embraces unity. One better than the uncertainty and tentative peace that we had before.
Um...any questions? I refer you to the Evil Overlord List

Picture/Description of what you look like? I'm a little shorter than the average height for my age; half-Asian; with armpit length blackish-brown hair, all about the same length.


boomeraang at 2006-12-21 11:43 (UTC) (Link)
Mai... :D
dr. combined gas
staticlights at 2006-12-21 16:06 (UTC) (Link)
Thank you for your vote :)
On an unrelated note, I love your username
des_zero at 2006-12-21 19:48 (UTC) (Link)
your application make me think of azula , the plan(the story), being serious, and short tempered.

p.d: you are a very good writer and tactician
dr. combined gas
staticlights at 2006-12-21 20:42 (UTC) (Link)
Thank you! I was going to write something shorter, but I've been watching the history channel (and c-span) recently, so I felt like I had to write something longer. I got rather lazy half-way through and wrote something shorter than I intended though.

Anyways, thanks for your vote!
snubullownsyou at 2007-01-22 15:54 (UTC) (Link)
I also see Azula. I loved reading your plan for the attack:). You're a very good writer!
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